The Remy Toledo Gallery

Date: 2006/2008

The Remy Toledo Gallery was an art space at 529 West 20th Street in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The Gallery ran from 2004-2007. During its short period of existence, the gallery managed to make a strong impact by showcasing both established and underserved feminist artists at the time including several exhibitions of visionary artist Carolee Schneemann and other pioneers of the movement such as Mary Beth Edelson, Judy Chicago, and Ana Mendieta. In addition, the Gallery sought to capture the voices of post-feminist artists by exhibiting works by Monika Weiss, Sara Modiano, and Adriana Marmorek. At the same time, it presented other important female figures who explored a range of issues such as conceptual artist Kaarina Kaikkonen and artist and designer Federica Marangoni, a representative from the Arte Povera period. In addition, the Gallery presented important works by photographers Paul Icokovic and Carlos Betancourt as well by painter and sculptor, Jonathan Cramer.

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