Public Viewing, Shanghai

Public Viewing was a temporary art intervention held in the public arena and organized by both Klaus Littmann of Kulturprojekte from Basel, Switzerland and Asher Remy-Toledo from New York. It premiered in Shanghai on September 5, 2007 parallel to the opening of "Shanghai Contemporary 07", a new international contemporary art fair in Asia.

Public Viewing was a performance event that took place on Shanghai’s main boulevards and in its public parks. A group of more than 100 high school students were hired to walk with posters designed by a group of Western and Chinese artists. The action performed, though artistic in nature, resembled a public protest in the streets of Shanghai.


The following artists actively supported the event and allowed their work to appear in the posters: Chinese artists Lu Hao and Yue Minjun; American artists Guerilla Girls and Robert Rauschenberg; French artists Christian Boltanski and Ben Vautier; German artists Franz Burkhardt and Jochen Gerz; Swiss artists Peti Brunner, Daniele Buetti, Hanspeter Hofmann, and Beat Keusch; along with several anonymous artists.

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