No Longer Empty

No Longer Empty  was created in March 2009 by Manon Slome and me in response to a historical moment in which the booming metropolis of New York was deeply affected by the global recession. It was a time in which an over abundance of premium commercial real estate spaces were lingering empty; something not seen since the 1980’s when the city went bankrupt.

After its first exhibition at the Chelsea Hotel, the group began to organize monthly exhibitions in empty commercial spaces in New York, such as the old Tower Records store on East Broadway, The Invisible Dog and Governors Island. No Longer Empty quickly became an international model for re-inventing the way art exhibitions were approached, especially in times of crisis, becoming an inspiration to people around the world. 

The exhibitions that take place in these empty spaces contain thoughtful art that relates to the history of the space or the neighborhood. As co-creator, I was strongly involved with the organization from its conception through the exhibitions. I was integral in finding artists, developing the curatorial ideas and programs, providing funding, and bringing new financial supporters. NLE is now an official not-for-profit organization directed by Manon Slome who continued and expanded the mission we had envisioned. 

The group has continued its goals of serving as platform to emerging and established artists looking to create a social impact, and art professionals who are looking to gain hands-on experience in their art careers.