Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Asher Remy-Toledo

I am Asher, I am based in New York and this is my personal blog. I use it to share things in a more casual way than in my professional site www.hyphenhub.com. Please refer to that one to know more about the Art Salons focusing on technology I organize, the Art Community we are building and Projects we have or are producing.  

I am a Cultural Producer and art instigator, working in a cross-disciplinary approach to art. 

I am particularly interested in technology and I am intrigued by this ubiquitous medium embedded in our present moment in history. At the same time I am fascinated by Sound Art, Dance, Theater, Performance, Texts and a few others. I was born in Colombia but had the opportunity to travel the world since an early age; I learned to see the world as a global village and art as the bridge and common language that creates cultural dialogues. 

This is a platform where I express some of my thoughts about what I observe in my journey across the world seeing artists' studios, biennials, art festivals and exhibitions. 

This website, as well as Hyphen Hub, are my latests ventures.  Both are live projects, constantly evolving...